NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — A burglar was caught on surveillance video breaking into a family’s house in Norwich on Wednesday afternoon. Police are now investigating.

The family was not at home when the crime took place; however, the homeowner was notified immediately via his cell phone. The camera was just above the doorbell.

“It’s using technology where if there’s any motion detection at your front door, or wherever inside or outside the house you put [the camera], it’ll send an alert to your phone,” said Sgt. John Perry of the Norwich Police Department.

The system also lets a homeowner speak with a person outside the door, even if he or she is not home.

This kind of technology has changed the way police investigate crimes like burglaries. The system records video that homeowners can then play back and show police. That can speed up an investigation.

“It makes it a lot easier,” said Perry. “We used to have to do neighborhood canvases where we would walk to all the neighbors.”

What police used to have to do door to door they can now do on social media. Police posted pictures of the suspect on Facebook and nearly 900 people shared the post.

“People were calling us, letting us know, hey, based on the picture you put on Facebook we were able to determine that this is so and so,” said Perry.

The video quality of these systems can now show a suspect’s face clearly, making it easier for police to catch criminals. The hope is they will help people feel safer.

“Your home is supposed to be your most private place,” said Perry. “To have someone come in and go through your things it has a long lasting effect.”

Police say an arrest is now pending.

These security systems typically cost a few hundred dollars.