MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Manchester police say they killed a dog that was attacking teens in their home Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to a home on Vernon Street just after noon Wednesday for a report of a dog bite and that the dog was still attacking another victim. Police also learned there was possibly a fire in the home.

The responding officer got to the Vernon Street home where the smoke alarm was going off, he could hear a female yelling for help and there was heavy smoke. When he got into the house, he found a 14-year-old female sitting on the kitchen counter. She was yelling the dog was in the next room attacking her friend. Police say the toaster in the kitchen was on fire, with flames reaching up to the cabinet. The officer told the girl to leave the house.

The officer heard another female yelling for help and a dog barking in the next room. He went to the room and found a large pit bull jumping against a television stand where the other teen was hiding behind. Police say this girl had blood on her arms, midsection and there was blood on the floor.WARNING: This 911 recording contains audio that listeners may find disturbing:

He tried to call the dog away, but it didn’t listen. When he called the dog the second time, it aggressively ran toward him. In defense, the officer shot the dog, killing it.

The female had puncture wounds all over her body that were actively bleeding. The officer got her out of the house, which was still filling with smoke. Responding fire personnel put out the fire.

Police say they learned the victims came home from school and found the smoke alarm going off. They said the dog seemed agitated and was running around when they got home. The dog bit one of the girls, then attacked the other as she tried to pull it away. They told police the dog dragged her across the floor and bit her several times before they were able to call 911.

The girl was taken to Connecticut Children’s to be treated.