HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It might not be the only solution, but officials hope a new bill will minimize catalytic converter thefts in Connecticut if passed.

“Over the last few years, it’s become an epidemic. These types of thefts, in some cases, cause harm to the person that suffers the loss,” said business owner Milton Rodriguez.

House Bill 6796 asks each new or used car dealer to step up in this fight against crime.

“If we can deter people from stealing these cars by way of tracing the parts, this will decrease the theft choices that thieves are concentrating on,” Rodriguez added. 

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According to the bill, each car dealer would have to mark a catalytic converter with the complete vehicle identification number of vehicles valued at more than $10,000. The bill would also have other car parts that are commonly stolen marked.

“Wheels and primary parts of the automobiles are supreme targets for the thieves,” Rodriguez said. 

The system would require a database to maintain customer information, including a VIN and customer information that confirms ownership of the vehicle the parts are stolen from.

Lawmakers on the committee said they want to strike a balance between increasing safeguards and not putting too much of a burden on the automobile industry.

A vote will be taken to determine the matter at a later date.