BETHEL, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are actively investigating an apparent murder-suicide after a husband and wife were found shot to death in Bethel.

Court documents revealed that 52-year-old Traci Jones feared for her safety and that her estranged husband threatened her life.

Two weeks before her death, Traci Jones obtained a restraining order on Jan 17. She had just filed a “relief from abuse” affidavit against her husband 58-year-old Lester Jones.

When Traci Jones filed for the affidavit, she said her husband has been drinking constantly and threatening her life on a daily basis.

“In past years I have endured a lot, but this weekend January 14th, 2023, I recorded the threat to my life,” Traci Jones said. She shared that her husband’s threats were geared toward her filing for divorce and leaving the relationship.

Husband, wife dead in apparent murder-suicide in Bethel

Bethel police said Traci Jones first reported threats to their department on Jan. 20.

Lester Jones was arrested after the incident and released in Upstate New York for violating the order of protection.

Eleven days later, Lester Jones returned to Connecticut to their home on Reservoir Street in Bethel. He then shot and killed Traci before turning the gun on himself.

The police investigation remains active and ongoing.

Domestic violence expert Ashley Judd said the riskiest period of time for a victim is when abusers start to lose their power and control, as violence can escalate.

Judd serves as the President & CEO of the Center for Empowerment and Education and is part of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

“It’s heartbreaking every time you hear of a situation that has escalated at that level of violence and a life has ended because of it,” Dunn said.

A go-fund-me page was created in Traci’s memory – describing her as a loving mother, co-worker and friend.

If you are in need of support or help please reach out to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence through their website or by calling this number 203-731-5206.