FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Scary moments in Fairfield Monday night when a car thief took off with a car with a teen still inside.

It happened just after 6:30 p.m. in front of ’16 Handles’ on the Post Road. A couple had parked their car near the froyo place to make a purchase at a nearby establishment.

The car was running with only the teen inside. An unknown male suspect walked up and opened the door and went inside the car. Police say the suspect ordered the teen to get out of the car and then sped off.

Witnesses reported seeing a black vehicle flee the area in close proximity to the stolen vehicle. Police believe this vehicle was occupied by subjects working with the male suspect.

Police followed the stolen car onto I-95 and then Route 8 before finally tracking it down, unoccupied, on Caroline Street in Derby.

No one was hurt. Police say the teen was old enough to be in the car alone.

The accomplice vehicle is believed to be a black Dodge Charger. Police say it was recovered in Bridgeport on Tuesday.

The vehicle was identified as the same car stolen in a similar Waterbury incident that occurred Monday earlier in the evening. In that incident, a black Dodge Charger was stolen with a 12-year-old inside from a business plaza on East Main Street. The owner had left the car unlocked with their daughter in the backseat to go inside a nearby business. The child told police the thief let her out of the car before leaving the parking lot.

The stolen car in the Waterbury incident was identified as a 2016 black Dodge Charger with CT license plate DV4838 and was possibly being driven by a Black male.

Police confirmed Tuesday evening, two juveniles were taken into custody and charged with possession of the stolen Charger in Bridgeport. The two suspects have not been confirmed to be the occupants of the accomplice vehicle in the Fairfield incident.

Further investigation into both the Fairfield and Waterbury incidents will continue until the suspects involved are positively identified.

Police remind the public it’s a good idea to lock your car doors even if you’re still inside.