FAIRFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) – Today we’re Cruisin’ Connecticut from Sacred Heart to St. Louis. Well we aren’t, but Sacred Heart Wrestling Head Coach, Andy Lausier is. Today kicks off his 1,200 cycling journey from Fairfield to St. Louis – home of this year’s NCAA Wrestling Tournament.

Sacred Heart Wrestling is the only Division I program in the state, but according to Coach Lausier, it’s also one of the lowest funded programs in the country.

Lausier gained the support of personal injury lawyer and former wrestler, Carter Mario. Mario will join Lausier on the first leg of the ride: 141 miles.

Mario says it is a big deal for a coach to do something like this:

It’s one thing to go out there and go after your alumni base, and to ask for people to just stroke a check. It’s another thing for a guy to go on a bicycle and go almost 1,200 miles.

Lausier will also receive support

While I’m riding, my wrestlers are actually going to be joining me in spirit. So they’re going to participate in one-hour relay segments – 24 hours around the clock for the seven consecutive days that I’m going to be riding from Sacred Heart to St. Louis.

You can support the coach’s ride here: Riding4Wrestling.com

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