WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Today we’re Cruisin’ Connecticut to West Haven, to Eco Camp where kids are getting out of the house and learning on the shore.

The interactive, exploration camp is celebrating 25 years, after being founded by Nancy & Dr. Michael Paone. Nancy has made it her mission to continue on her late husband’s dream of bringing nature and learning to kids.

Camp co-director, Gennaro Frumento is a retired West haven High School science teacher, and stands by the camp’s motto: “Learn by Doing.”

We have the students bait their own hooks, go out fishing, even the reluctant ones, once they hook a fish or pick up a crab, they’re hooked.

Frumento, focused on the importance of camp, for the students’ future:

When they grow up, they’re going to be the voters that decide whether this stays natural or whether it becomes part of the cultural machine…

The camp has turned countless campers into counselors over their 25-year history, and they intend on going strong for another 25!

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