(WTNH) — Taking trees that would have been headed for a dump or to become mulch and making them into something that lasts a lifetime. That’s what carpenters at a company called City Bench do.

“Each of our pieces has a story behind it. Whether it be in an urban environment or near somebody’s house.”

Sam and Ted Esselstyn started the company in the heart of the recession. They call it a sustainable enterprise. The trees they use are trees that have been taken down due to things like construction, disease, hazards, etc.

“We are using trees that lived their natural life. It’s necessary for trees to come down. We are sort of, in a way, honoring the life of that tree by giving it a second chance.”

“We got this great opportunity to use the Lincoln Oak. Which is this iconic tree from the New Haven Green, which we consider our home town.”

They say it’s exciting to be able to use a tree like the one from New Haven.

“It’s always exciting to use a tree like that and put it back in a public space and really send a message that these local resources are here, and we can use them and in ways that are really exciting and that everybody can share in. So I think that’s the dream, that someday all of these trees will be used to their highest and best use.”If you have an idea for someone we should talk with for ‘Working for Connecticut,’ send us an email or Facebook message, and watch News 8 every Friday for more stories on the people who are working to make Connecticut a great place to live.