NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH)- A serious health issue dashed Tim and Beth Sweeney’s hopes of having children.

Their wedding day sealed the love they shared. Soon after though — Tim and Beth Sweeney were caught off guard- hearing devastating news from their doctor.

Beth Sweeney recalled, ” I was told 100%, we would never have a child on our own.”

Tim has cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that attacks the lungs.

“It causes an increase in buildup in the lungs, ” said Tim, “It causes infections, chronic infection in the lung.”

At the time, the couple had no idea Tim’s health would be a barrier to conceiving.

Tim explained, “Because not all men with cystic fibrosis are infertile.”

Things changed after learning from Dr. Spencer Richlin at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut that in vitro fertilization, IVF, was an option. But before an embryo was fertilized in the lab, Beth took a blood test and was tested for the c-f gene.

Dr. Richlin said, “A lot of couples kind of want to know before they become pregnant, where are we at? what are the chances of our offspring having a potential condition or not? If she’s negative, then their future offspring don’t have a chance of having full blown CF like Tim.”

Beth was indeed negative which led to the birth of their son Timmy. A happy time, but it was cut short. Tim’s CF was now ravaging his lungs.

“When our first one was a newborn,” Beth said, “I was told he had like a year left to live.”

Tim needed a double transplant, “After my lung transplant, I felt I had a new lease on life. My health had never been better.”

A second son, Harrison, was born afterwards.

“Our children are CF free but they are carriers,” said Beth.

Testing for genetic disorders, is now a popular option for couples but Dr. Richlin pointed out, “It’s not for everybody.”

He added, “People in situations when there is a known genetic diseases or issues in the family tree, a lot of times they want to know up front, what’s what and utilize embryos that will not have a disease process.”

Beth said, “I would have done everything possible but if God was going to give me a child with CF, I would take that too.”

The Sweeneys are now planning for a third child.

Before meeting with Dr. Richlin about their options, the Sweeneys had planned to adopt to have the family they wanted.