ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) – Electric vehicles are said to be the future and federal funding could make finding a place to charge much easier.

Electric vehicles have long been thought of as luxury vehicles, but Connecticut is trying to change that by providing more incentives to drive electric.

On top of the $7,5000 federal income tax credit, purchasing a new EV could get you up to $7,500 through the state’s CHEAPR rebate program. There’s also a $500 rebate from Eversource for your home charger. All of that could get you $15,000 in savings.

Getting the cost down is one thing, but the state is also focused on eliminating range anxiety for drivers.

“Charging stations aren’t everywhere yet. We are at the tipping point, about to make a big investment in charging stations. We are building them out all across the state as we speak,” said Senator Chris Murphy.

One of the latest Tesla charging stations is in Rocky Hill. Any EV will be able to charge there and soon you will see a lot more charging stations with the state receiving $53 million from the federal government to build out the fast-charging stations.

That $53 million will be allocated to the state over the next five years.

“That’s key to look ahead, two, three years because it’s clear consumers want them,” said Paul Braron, EV Club of CT.

As a member of the EV Club of CT, Paul Braron is passionate about reducing greenhouse gases. His Tesla Model 3 remains the most popular EV in Connecticut. Although demand has increased due to rising gas prices, there’s still one big thing stopping more EV adoption.

“Backorders, are a huge problem right now. The supply chain is hitting the whole auto industry, not just EVs, it’s the chips for window controllers, and mundane stuff. It’s not actually the battery pack,” Braron said.

As of January 2022, there are now over 21,000 registered electric vehicles in Connecticut. That’s still far from the state’s ambitious 2025 goal of putting at least 125,000 on the road.