MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) — Many people across Connecticut headed to the shore to cool off during Sunday’s scorching heat wave.

Six-year-old Rayan Narayanan had the right spirit.

“It’s a perfect day to be on the beach,” Rayan said.

Ninety-degree weather isn’t for everybody, but his family wasn’t going to spend their Sunday cooped up indoors, so they took a trip to Hammonasset Beach in Madison.

“It’s really hot, but I like it under the shade,” said Rayan’s sister, Ziva Narayanan.

“We come from India where it’s hot most of the year so we are used to this hot heat,” said Kirthiga Narayanan, the mother of the two children. “The kids wanted to enjoy the beach so here we are.”

They weren’t the only ones. Countless families packed the state parks, causing 10 of them to close after reaching max capacity.

Whether taking a dip in the water or collecting seashells, both young and old found their own ways to cool off by the shoreline.

In New Haven, Riley Simi-Hall and other little ones beat the heat running through a splash pad. Her parents even joined in.

“I just love seeing the kids out and having fun, enjoying themselves,” said New Haven resident Lamar Lawrence. “Nice clean park, everybody’s having fun and everyone is here for a good time.”

They’re all making memories with their families, feeling like kids all over again.

“The last couple of years have been so unpredictable, so I’m enjoying every bit of weather I can get,” Kirthiga Narayanan said.