(WTNH) – Abortion rights advocates say the ban on abortion in certain states is a public health emergency, which is a result of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Connecticut’s two senators are trying to pass the Freedom to Travel Healthcare Act.

The legislation is aimed at protecting women who would cross state lines to seek an abortion and their providers. There was a push to get agreement on the measure in Washington, D.C. this week, but it failed.

Those who support life say lawmakers are trying to legislate against threats that don’t exist.

In Ohio, a 10-year-old girl was raped and her alleged 27-year-old accuser was in court. Ohio has a ban on nearly all abortions after 6 weeks with no exception for rape. The girl had to travel to another state for an abortion.

“There may also be criminal penalties and civil actions possible against not only the patients, and women who seek the services, but also against providers and against employers who help them,” Blumenthal said.

“We are having this debate because we have a Supreme Court that has decided that it is going to be the lawmaking body of this country. We have five radical justices cloaked in robes who are essentially acting as politicians,” Murphy said.

Connecticut has a Safe Harbor Law which protects against lawsuits, but advocates say it doesn’t protect women when they travel back home.

Those on the side of protecting the life of the unborn say The RIght to Travel Bill is based on fears and lies, adding people travel across state lines for medical procedures all the time.

“My sense is that the real intent of this bill is to sir up hysteria among the voters for campaign purposes,” said Peter Wolfgang, CT Family Institue.

A high-risk pregnancy doctor at UConn Hospital recently cared for a woman whose pregnancy implanted in a scar from a C-section. The mother could have bled to death, so the choice was abortion.

“Because of the many areas in this country where this right has been lost, we are going to see an unprecedented number of patients traveling here to get access to care,” said Dr. Nicole Gavin, UConn Hospital.

If passed, the law would also eliminate penalties, both criminal and civil against employers.

“Even if they have knowledge of it, they could potentially be held liable on a conspiracy theory,” Blumenthal said.

Those who disagree with abortion say there are real threats that shouldn’t be ignored.

“The attempted murder of justice Brett Kavanaugh, or the actual physical attack of pro-life pregnancy centers,” Wolfgang said.

Blumenthal is also pushing President Joe Biden to declare abortion a public health emergency, like COVID, to grant women access.