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CT State Police remind drivers about school bus safety


(WTNH)– Students and teachers will start returning to classrooms next week, which means drivers will have to get used to having kids and school buses back on the roads again.

Even if you are not going back to school, you can still learn a few things a public service announcement just released by the Connecticut State Police. Think of it as a quick lesson in back to school safety

“That was the intending goal,” said Trooper Josue Dorelus. “With summer coming to an end and school getting ready to start, we know that there will be an increase in not only buses on the roadway, but also young children.”

When you see a school bus picking up or dropping off kids, watch for the colored lights.

“The bus driver will have orange and then red flashing lights, a stop sign on the driver’s side will open up, red flashing lights, that’s when operators should be stopping,” reminds Trooper Christine Jeltema.

Troopers are reminding drivers to not ignore those stop signs, to yield to pedestrians and to slow down in school zones. If you don’t, you could get a ticket that costs up to $470.

“And don’t forget that some children walk or ride their bikes to their neighborhood school,” Jeltema says in the PSA.

So drivers have to watch out for kids who are not on buses, as well. And even parents dropping off their kids should keep the school’s protocols in mind.

“So ensure that they’re following those protocols and no double parking, just because we want to make sure that children aren’t walking in between cars or being in the way of people or individuals that are dropping off children at schools,” Jeltema said.

Kids themselves also need to think about safety, especially teens who drive themselves to school. Remember, phone down, head up.

Watch the full PSA below:

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