CT teen captures shark attacking seal on video


A Connecticut teen captured a summer vacation video she won’t soon forget. She and her family were on Cape Cod when they saw a shark attack.

“The first thing I saw was a fin pop out of the water,” said 13-year-old Phoebe Miller. “And then I just a saw a bubble of blood and you could see the shark thrashing.”

The Millers were on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts when they witnessed something terrifying just off shore: a shark viciously attack a seal.

“We actually didn’t know that iw as a seal or a human and my daughter Phoebe, who was sitting next to me go up very quickly,” said David. 

“I had a really quick reaction, I guess. Right when it happened it was like instinct, I guess,” said Phoebe.

She recorded the whole thing before most people around her even realized what was happening. 

“I just swiped and started videoing and I was screaming,” she said. “It was pretty scary.”

“That was very, very close to shore. That’s where we swim all the time,” said David. 

The family had just arrived to the beach for the day, but had stayed out of the water after hearing that a shark had been spotted. They say people were in the water nearby.

“When we got there, there wasn’t anybody telling us we couldn’t swim,” he said. “We followed our gut, I like to think we followed our gut”.

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