(WTNH) – A big regional transportation conference is being held in Hartford this week. During opening remarks on Monday, the state’s transportation chief said he envisions CT Fastrak becoming a “light rail” line in the future.

Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti told a room of more than 300 state transportation officials from around the northeast that Fastrak could be like the T-line in Boston. He says we’ll be able to justify to the federal government that it makes sense because this is what we’re seeing for ridership.

“As the ridership increases, you will be able to use that volume of the ridership as your justification to go and make it into a rail. You’ve already got a viaduct, you’ve got it already laid out and you can make that into a light rail system. So, to me, it’s the way that we should be starting things out,” Giulietti said.

Light rails cost between $50 and $80 million a mile to build. Giulietti admits he would not push for it now because there’s not enough ridership.