ROCKVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) – Another week of the Ellington “FitBit murder” trial has wrapped up, and on Friday, the woman who Richard Dabate was having an affair with leading up to the time Connie was murdered, took the stand.

Sara Ganzer said they’ve known one another for more than 30 years, meeting Dabate back in junior high school. She knew Connie as well. Ganzer fought back tears on Friday, explaining how ashamed she was and embarrassed by what unfolded.

Testimony continues in Richard Dabate trial

Ganzer and her attorney didn’t have anything to say as they left Rockville Superior Court on Friday. Her testimony lasted the majority of the day in Dabate’s murder trial.

Dabate is accused of killing his wife, Connie, at their Ellington home on December 23, 2015.

While Ganzer was on the stand, she outlined her decades-long friendship with Dabate that eventually became a romantic relationship. She says she and Dabate were off and on for years, most recently entering a romantic relationship in May of 2015, seven months before Connie’s death.

Ganzer got pregnant soon after but said in court she never wanted to push or “blow up” Dabate’s family, saying, “I was planning on doing it by myself,” when talking about raising their daughter.

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She also said Dabate mentioned divorce and told people about their relationship and pregnancy several times, but “it was all the same talk.”

During a cross-examination by Dabate’s defense team, they asked Ganzer about what her conversations with Dabate were like. They asked her if he ever mentioned plans to kill or harm Connie, or if he told her he did it. She answered “no” to all those questions.

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Leaving court, neither Dabate nor his attorneys wanted to comment on what was said inside the courtroom.

Ganzer said her relationship with Dabate continue after Connie’s death and they’ve been strictly co-parenting with their child, starting in mid-2019.

It’s unclear whether Ganzer will take the stand again on Monday. There are several key pieces of evidence expected to be brought up as the trial goes on including Connie’s FitBit, which tracked her movements up until her death.