DANBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – An investigation into the sexual misconduct of a Danbury teacher began last month, and now, it has ended in an arrest.

Salvatore Maimone, 41, a high school teacher has been charged with sexual assault in the second degree, stalking in the second degree, and interfering with an officer according to state police records.

Connecticut state police announced that at the beginning of May, an investigation began looking into Maimone for allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a female student.

The investigation started when a female student of Maimone’s disclosed to a school counselor that a sexual relationship had occurred between them, according to the official arrest report.

Detectives said they interviewed the victim upon learning this information. She had told officers that Maimone was flirtatious towards her, made advances toward her, and expressed interest in seeing her outside of school.

Maimone convinced the victim to meet him at his part-time job on several occasions after school, according to police reports. The victim told police that this is where the two began their sexual relationship, always sneaking around through back entrances. She described the store’s layout perfectly when describing the encounters with officers.

Maimone manipulated the victim into a sexual relationship for several months, officials said.

Eventually, the victim told the police that Maimone had begun showing up at places she went to randomly. He began to track her via Life360 and would track her when she did not answer his calls or texts.

Detective reported in their arrest records that at the beginning of May, Maimone was brought in for questioning regarding the relationship. He denied the entirety of it and also claimed the victim may be someone who would make up fake allegations.

After thoroughly investigating the victim’s claims, detectives said they arrested Maimone on the aforementioned charges relating to the sexual assault of a student.

Maimone is being held on a $200,000 surety bond.