(WTNH) – A woman from Waterbury is dancing through her workday at construction sites and creating smiles among drivers across the state.

Driving through a construction zone can be stressful. Dolly Torres, known as “Dancing Dolly,” makes it better by turning it into a “fun zone.”

With her dance moves and contagious smile, drivers instantly notice Torres. She has been working with “Stop and Go,” a traffic company in Hamden for three years. She decided six months into the job to start dancing to distract herself from the heat.

“Originally I started dancing because it was like 100-degree weather for four days straight with not a single glimpse of shade or breeze, so I created my own,” Torres said.

She dances all over the state. With a honk and a wave, drivers show their appreciation.

“It felt good. I started dancing with her, I did not hear a single song, but I just started dancing with her when I saw her. I know she had her headphones on, but it feels like I was listening to her music too and she was into it. It just boosted my mood,” said Aaron Collie of Brookfield.

It may say grooved pavement on the sign, but we all know it’s groovy pavement down the road.

“Right now, I’m listening to country, some Garth Brooks. Usually, I listen to country or freestyle, any feel-good music,” Torres said.

While Torres is doing her job, she’s bringing positivity to those not expecting it. She says she does it for her daughters to show them that while life can bring bumps in the road, you’ve got to keep on dancing.

“I got two girls. Making sure they get the best education, making sure I can get a house for my kids instead of an apartment, showing that my hard work pays off,” Torres said.