Democratic candidates running in 2020 presidential election preparing for upcoming debates


A big political weekend in South Carolina, and it’s importance as a key early primary state, not lost on the growing field of Democratic rivals hoping to take down President Trump.

Those candidates are fired up over the presidents call for mass deportations. 

The operation targeting more than 2,000 undocumented immigrants living in as many as ten major US cities. The president called off those raids via a Tweet Saturday–“Delaying” them, he wrote, for “Two weeks.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell said, “For many Latino families, there is nothing this president will not do to break up your family, cage your children and erase your existence.”

Some candidates are also calling attention to what they see as a troubling pattern.

Julian Castro said, Trump “said over Twitter that he called off a strike on Iran ten minutes before it was supposed to happen…and at the last minute, he calls off ICE raids across the country.” It’s what Castro calls ‘bull**** politics’.

Making a pitch to Black voters there, Joe Biden referenced his old boss to the crowd’s delight.

As rivals took the opportunity to undercut the former Vice-President who’s drawn fire over recent remarks about working with long-dead segregationist senators, and that criticism carried over to Sunday.

Senator Kamila Harris said, “Praising and coddling individuals who made it their life work and built their reputation off of segregation of the races in the United States, that’s a problem.”

The party faithful, though, may be willing to look past that.

ABC News has a full list of candidates of all parties that are in the 2020 presidential election as of now. Click here for the list.


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