NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – News 8 is profiling all the big races heading into Tuesday. One that has the attention of democratic voters is the race for State Treasurer.

Erick Russell, a Democratic endorsed candidate wants to be the next State Treasurer.

“I grew up here in New Haven where my husband and I still live working and my parent’s small convenience store in a really tough area of the city,” said Russell.

The job includes overseeing $45 billion in pension and trust fund assets.

Russell is an attorney specializing in public finance and is focused on assisting working families.

“From expanding our financial literacy programs to making sure that we’re investing responsibly. The companies we’re doing business with have strong values,” said Russell.

The president of New Haven’s Housing Authority Karen Dubois Walton is one of the challengers.

“The housing affordability crisis has hit every community across our state, so as Treasurer, I’ll be ensuring that our public borrowing is going into investments that are building out our affordable housing landscape,” said Karen Dubois Walton/D Treasurer candidate.

Also the chair of the state Board of Education and from New Haven – Dubois Walton says families missed an opportunity with the new child tax credit. 70% of families got it, but 30% didn’t access it.

“Well, the Treasurer’s office could be a place that really helps push out information and connect families to information of the benefits that are available to them,” said Dubois Walton.

Dita Bhargava is running for treasurer for the second time. She has 25 years of investment management experience. In 2018 she lost the election to current treasurer Shawn Wooden, who is stepping down.

“It is imperative that we have somebody in the treasurer’s offices who knows how to navigate through these economic murky paradigms,” said Bhargava.

Bhargava challenged streaming service HULU this year after they refused to run her ad because as treasurer she would not allow Connecticut to invest in companies who take a position against abortion.

“In June, the United Nations said that abortion rights are human rights. So you have already stated that you should stand behind this issue two days later, they reversed their decision,” said Bhargava.

The winner of Tuesday’s primary will go up against Republican State Representative Harry Aurora an investor in energy stocks who is running for treasurer.