NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A Derby police officer is facing multiple charges after he allegedly hit his girlfriend in August.

According to a police report, officer Jordan Gochros is being charged with assault, breach of peace and criminal mischief in connection to an incident in New Haven from Aug. 3rd.

The police report says Gochros allegedly assaulted his girlfriend on Ella Grasso Boulevard while they were in a vehicle early in the morning.

The report states that the victim visited one of her coworkers after the alleged assault and was crying. The coworker told the police that the victim looked and sounded terrified and could not talk. The report says that the victim had blood on her fingers, swollen lips and a lump on her head that was the size of a gumball that her coworker documented with photos.Related Content: Derby police officer charged with assaulting woman

The victim told police that she and Gochros were leaving Dante’s Restaurant in Stratford when they started arguing back and forth after the victim tried to break up with Gochros a few days prior. During the argument, the victim started using her phone and Gochros allegedly threw it out the window of the car. The victim says without anyone saying anything else, he started hitting her with his right hand while the car was moving. She told police that Gochros hit her in the face about three or four times. The victim says she told him to stop the car so she could find her phone and he did, but then she could not find Gochros so she took his vehicle back to his place and parked it there before going to a friend’s house.

In contrast, Gochros claims the victim started hitting him while he was driving and that he held her against the door to stop her from striking him. Gochros says the victim threatened to commit suicide and tried to jump out of the moving vehicle but that he pulled her back in. According to Gochros, the two pulled over in the area of a Flea Market so the victim could “calm down.” He says she then jumped into the driver’s seat of his vehicle and drove off.

His bond was set at $5,000 and he was ordered to not contact the victim, not possess a firearm or ammunition as well as no assaults, threats or stalking of the victim, according to officials.