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Destination Location: News 8 visits Windsor


We’re heading to Windsor this morning for today’s Destination Location — land of the first permanent English settlement in Connecticut and became well-known for its tobacco farms. 

It was originally named Dorchester after where many of the original settlers traveled from, and it was re-named after Windsor in England. The original boundaries of that settlement stretched far and wide and include current-day towns like Manchester, Enfield, even all the way out in Litchfield.

Now, Windsor is still a pretty big town on its own. We stopped by Windsor town center and asked people what they love most about their town.

“I love it, it’s got a little bit of everything,” said longtime resident Deb Whittmore.  “It’s a large town, it’s not a big city but it’s got enough going on where it’s a fun place to be and a nice place to live.”

“I love the center, love to be able to walk around, the town green is really relaxing,” said Emily Woodward, a Windsor native who has owned popular bakery Get Baked in the town center for seven years. “But, I think my absolute favorite thing would be it’s just such a multicultural and rich town. I grew up with a lot of friends with different backgrounds and different nationalities and I feel like Windsor is a big melting pot of people and it made me, I think, a better person.”

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