This story originally aired on WTNH July 2020.

MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — You think you know Mystic, but you might not be familiar with Mystic Boat Adventures.

“What we offer is a pretty unique experience,” said owner Rob Roche. “I’m the only one within 900 miles of doing this.”

The foam-filled, two-person pontoon boats are perfect for social distancing with family or close friends.

“When we have a group here, we require everyone to wear a mask when they’re on the boat during orientation,” explained Roche. “Once I push you off the dock, you can take your mask off and enjoy the ride, enjoy the experience. The boats are very user friendly, comfortable stable.”

Every adventure begins with a lesson. Visitors learn how to control the boat before they leave the dock and head up the Mystic River.

Right off, guests experience what these small, agile boats can do. Let’s just say donuts and figure eights aren’t usually the norm on boat tours! Once folks have a chance to experiment with form, it’s back to the tour at a reasonable pace.

“We just rolled into downtown Mystic,” said Roche during a recent outing. “This is the Mystic River Bascule Bridge.”

Participants head into historic territory to see Mystic Seaport Museum in a whole new way. A famous ship, The Mayflower 2, is visiting from Massachusetts.

“It’s been on a three year restoration project,” said Roche.

Get up close and personal with the steamship Sabino, the Mystic Whaler and more.

“This is the pride and joy of the Mystic Seaport: the Charles W. Morgan from 1841,” he said. “Still in commission.”

Then, the journey takes a turn into wilder territory. Toward the end of the tour, participants can put the pedal to the metal as they head out into the open water to an incredible sight, the Latimer Reef Light, standing tall and regal in waters where New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut meet.

It’s the perfect way to wrap up three exciting hours.

Part sight-seeing, part thrill ride; it’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

“You’ll be talking about this at Christmas time or at the Thanksgiving table, laughing,” said Roche. “There’s nothing like it.”

More information about booking a visit can be found online.