Conn. (WTNH) — Beginning last week, a lot of local colleges and universities held move-in days for their students. For parents, sending a child off to college can be an emotional experience, especially for parents who find themselves as empty nesters temporarily.

Dr. Ryan Loss the Executive Director of Connecticut Behavioral Health says there really isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to dealing with the emotions of dropping your child off at college.

“Having a plan that’s agreeable for everybody. Trying to think ahead, for at least on the student’s side, what might be some of those challenges that might exist that they might run into. Even if it’s a far-off shot that they don’t think might happen, but even if it’s a little one. Trying to plan ahead for it. And for parents trying to have some structure in their own lives and anticipating what areas they think they’ll have some struggles with and planning ahead for it as best they can,” said Dr. Loss.

Dr. Loss agrees in having some sort of a schedule for keeping in touch. “I think it’s nice to have that weekly check-in, at minimum. I think that’s good on both sides.”

He said it gives the student a sense of security that there will always be that home base connection.

The same for parents. The key, Loss said is finding the right balance so that everyone’s needs are as close to being ideally met as possible.