(WTNH)–A warning from the Animal Control Officer in Wallingford after a family dog was let outside on Monday and left for hours in the extreme heat and sun. The dog was found unresponsive by its owners and pronounced dead.

“This was 110% preventable. It’s a tragic, tragic accident and we’re all crushed by this. You know, we would be sad if any dog passed because it’s an awful death. they suffer and it’s painful. it’s agonizing to die in this manner,” said Katie Ehlers, Animal Control Officer with the Town of Wallingford.

Ehlers says the dog was let out by the family’s nanny. Without water and if exposed to the sun the effects of the heat can come quickly.

“This was a young healthy dog. So, if you take another dog like a senior dog let’s say or a dog like a brachycephalic dog like our pugs or french bulldogs those dogs are gonna be more susceptible to the heat,” said Ehlers.

At the dog park in Hamden on Tuesday pet owners were busy keeping an eye on their dogs. Bob Gnida says it’s the perfect spot to bring them on days like this.

“There’s plenty of water. There’s a water hose right there and we keep filling plenty of containers. There’s lots of shade here,” said Gnida.

Liz Dante said she takes her cues from her dogs Dexter and Chloe. After two hours at the park, it is time to go home.

“My older dog, he’s seven. I can tell he’s hot. He’ll be panting so I usually try not to stay here more than two hours,” said Dante.

Ehlers stresses the importance of keeping pets hydrated and only letting them outside in the heat for short periods of time. If possible, keep them indoors with air conditioning or fans for circulation.

“I leave them home in the air conditioning for most of the day. Sometimes they go to doggie daycare but they stayed home in the Ac today becuase it was really hot,” said Dante.

Ehlers says the investigation into the dog’s death is ongoing and no charges have been filed at this time.