Don’t let winter weather keep you from staying fit


When winter weather sets in — it can disrupt your fitness flow.

But don’t let Mother Nature stop you from exercising says certified fitness trainer Shana Schneider with Fitstyle by Shana, “Even in cold weather, you can make every second count toward improving your fitness.”               

Heading outside — start with layering from head to toe — it’s a must.

Walking or running has benefits.

Shana explains, “You’re burning more calories because your body has to work harder to keep itself warm.  Your heart is actually going to get stronger when you’re working out outside because again, it’s going to have to work a little harder to make sure it’s distributing that blood throughout the body.” 

Plus – there’s vitamin D with sun exposure. 

“That’s real important,” says Shana, “For maintaining our strong bones and kind of staving off those winter blues.”

How cold is too cold?

She says, “I would say anything below 20’s you might as well go inside and just keep it safe.”   

And get creative, “If you’re a walker, find a new location to walk, maybe a museum or something interesting like that.  If you’re a gym goer, try a new fitness workout.”

Gym goers like Nick Helfand at mcActivity Fitness Center fine tune their workout.

“I switch to a lot more cardio in the winter,” says Nick, “It’s easy to be stuck inside.  I eat in quite a bit when it’s cold out.  Maybe ordering food instead of walking.  So it’s important to factor those kind of seasonal changes into your routine.” 

Nicole Onofrio fights off — getting off track, “It definitely keeps stress levels down.  I think coming here and running, or working out, doing some weights, takes a load off of stress. I find that very important.”

Something else to keep in mind.  Shana says stay hydrated, “It may not feel like you’re sweating but you are. It evaporates a bit faster because of the cool and dry air. “

Don’t forget sunscreen and lip balm when you’re outside. 

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