DOT misses deadline to fix West Haven parking problems, commuters fed up

Anything goes when it comes to parking at the West Haven train station these days. 

Liz Hawley felt lucky that she found a place to put her car, even though she is breaking the rules.

“I’m here an hour and a half early just so I can get a space and even then it’s not even a legal space,” said Hawley.

Hawley wasn’t even the worst offender. A viewer sent us a picture of a car in the white lines of a handicap spot from Tuesday. Another picture showed a car parked on a sidewalk. 

One driver tried to avoid a ticket by placing Tuesday’s violation in the window. 

It’s up to the Department of Transportation to enforce the honor system here. You’re supposed to park, pay for a ticket, and put it in your window. Regular commuters say it’s not being done. Some people pay. Some don’t.

“It’s too nerve-wracking trying to get a parking space,” said Hawley.

What really frustrated commuters was snow taking up spots when it fell weeks ago. 

“They could clear the snow from those spots, it’s been a little while,” said Wallingford’s Sarah Stapleton.

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Stapleton commutes to Greenwich and pays $600 dollars a year for her parking pass. What really annoyed her was seeing easy fixes like heavy equipment taking up an entire row of spots and dumpsters parked where she could be.

“I feel lucky because I can drive to work. I bet the people who commute to the city are even more frustrated,” said Stapleton.

To make matters worse, this has been going on for quite some time. Back in May, News 8’s Mario Boone reached out to the CT DOT and officials told him they would be enforcing parking rules in September.

Well, September came and went, and it hasn’t gotten better.

We reached out to the spokesperson for the DOT Kevin Nursick again on Wednesday. 

He said, “The abuse of the parking system at West Haven station is unfortunate and unacceptable. While the Department originally anticipated a September timeframe for necessary authorization to take enforcement action, that did not come to fruition. We need a policy in place before we can begin enforcement. That policy is being finalized and we hope to be able to begin enforcement in the near future.”

Nursick did not give a timeline as to when commuters will see some action.

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