WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A week and a half after a mass shooting left 59 dead and hundreds injured, police in Las Vegas are still struggling to find a motive in the shooting. Now a world famous forensic scientist from our area is weighing in with his thoughts.

Dr. Henry Lee has investigated many mass shootings, both with the Connecticut State Police and as a consultant all over the world.

He says the Las Vegas shooting is a strange case in several ways, not just because so many people were killed and injured. For one thing, it was methodically planned out, with so many weapons, so much ammunition, and even a camera in the hall to check for law enforcement.

Also, although the vast majority of mass murderers and serial killers are men, they are usually a lot younger than 64 year-old Stephen Paddock.

It’s also unusual because we still don’t seem to have any idea why he did it. Dr. Lee says there are only a handful of motives to choose from when it comes to mass killers. Sometimes, he says, someone wants to go out with big bang.

“Or he has a hatred because of a gambling loss, or feels that society abandoned him, or some kind of a psychological aspect, sociological aspect,” Dr. Lee said. “Do a complete analysis, then you can gradually figure it out.”

There is a lot to analyze in this case. As well as the sheer number of bullets fired, and people hit, there is also the fact that so many people recorded parts of it on cell phones, and the shooting happened in Las Vegas, which has cameras everywhere.

There is so much raw data to go gather, go through, and analyze, that it is definitely going to take a while to complete the investigation, even though we already know who did it.

Dr. Lee says he is retired now. He does still work on some cold cases, but he has not been asked to consult on the Las Vegas case.