(WSAV) – A secluded post office in Antarctica is hiring.

This could be a great opportunity for those who enjoy monitoring wildlife, handling artifacts, sorting mail and are eager to embrace the penguin lifestyle.

Port Lockroy, also known as the “Penguin Post Office,” is now recruiting for a new team to be based in Antarctica for the 2022-23 season. The roles available are base leader, shop manager and general assistant. 

Although some consider penguins majestic, working at the Penguin Post Office could be far from opulent. Temperatures on the island where the post office is located can dip as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit and can feel even frostier with the wind chill.  

Like penguins, staff members will sleep in groups, sharing a single bedroom. Also like penguins, there will be no flushing toilet, but instead, a camping toilet that must be emptied daily.

There’s also no running water, and showers are only available every few days when visiting ships arrive to offer staffers a shower. In some cases, staff may go up to two weeks without showering.

Concerning communication, there’s no internet access or cell phone reception, and satellite phone calls are costly. Staffers will have very minimal communication with home. In the event of an emergency, medical evacuations could take up to seven days.

On the lighter side, the Penguin Post Office is a popular tourist destination on Goudier Island, just off the west side of the Antarctic peninsula. The historic site receives about 18,000 visitors each season.

And the area is also filled with penguins.

Applications must have been completed by Monday, April 25, which was, appropriately, World Penguin Day.