NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Today is Ash Wednesday, which kicks off the Lenten season for the Christians. Some churches are offering a drive-thru service to those who would like to receive ashes.

Ash Wednesday is a long-held tradition in the Christian church. It’s a time of repentance, fasting, and new beginnings. One of the ways to observe this day is by receiving ashes.

Last year at the North Branford Congregational Church, a drive-thru service allowed the reverend to administer the flock, one car at a time. It was quick, convenient, and safe, which is important considering we’re still in a pandemic.

“It’s not that Lent is some magical thing that we have to do, but it’s really a gift that we get, a tool to help us connect with God more ahead of Easter,” said Wendy Tarry, Congregational Church Worship Leader.

This is just one more way that Christianity is adapting to our culture and changing times, and people of all denominations are welcome.

The service on the go was held outside due to COVID-19.

“I like to raise my children to just remember to think like Jesus and treat people with kindness, respect, and love,” said Maria Burton.

That love includes prayers for peace between Ukraine and Russia.

“I feel so bad for the Ukrainians. My boss’ wife is Ukrainian, so it’s very, very dear to my heart. I pray every day for their safety,” said Gina Cox.

A drive-thru location was also held in Southington. A sign saying “all may be welcome,” but they also encourage to give up something that draws them closer to God, such as meat.

“Other people give up things like social media, but you can also take on a certain practice for Lent, like a certain prayer practice,” said Rev. Helena Martin, St. Paul’s Church.