EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -Internet speeds in East Hartford are about to get a lot faster. Their fiber network is expanding across town.

East Hartford’s fiber optic network is already being built out in neighborhoods and it’s generating a lot of excitement. The mayor believes it will make East Hartford an extremely attractive place to live and work.

“We’re not talking about today. Futuristic type things that fiber will pave the way for,” said East Hartford Mayor Mike Walsh.

It’s being called the broadband of the future. East Hartford aims to have the fastest internet speeds in the entire state after its fiber network is built out.

“We will be one, if not the only Connecticut town with ten-gigabyte minimum speeds, and up to 400 of dark fiber. That’s exponentially faster than what you get today,” Walsh said.

“We’re talking a fiber network that is just so far superior,” said Geoff Spickler, SiFI Vice President of Community Relations.

SiFI is building out the East Hartford FiberCity project. Their promised fast internet speeds would make it easier to download large files, cutting down load times, while supporting a reliable connection. Those are things sought by remote workers.

“The more video applications like Zoom or Teams, plus playing content, bringing up a PowerPoint presentation, that upload speed is just as important as the download speed. That’s something really only a fiber network can offer,” Spickler said.

All East Hartford residents, businesses, and schools would see the benefits, at two-thirds the cost, putting an end to the digital divide.

“By installing fiber in the ground, being patient and persistent, we will have an infrastructure that is open and inclusive to all,” Walsh said.

Walsh says it’s likely to take two years before all neighborhoods in East Hartford have access to this fiber network.