East Windsor, Stafford officials investigate report of viral KKK video


EAST WINDSOR & STAFFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–  The First Selectmen of Stafford and East Windsor have responded to a viral video that appears to show a person wearing Ku Klux Klan garb.

This comes at a time when tensions are high with a controversial president elect whose comments have been inflammatory towards minority groups, It may seem unexpected that the quiet, idyllic town of East Windsor would get into the fray, but it did.

Police say a disturbing video of someone dressed in what appears to be KKK garb riding on a dirt bike around a fire pit and waving a Trump flag Is causing concern in their community.  It happened Saturday night on a  500 acre piece of private property in East Windsor that’s known for its fire pits,, its ATV riders and people who trespass in order to party there.

While East Windsor Police say it does not appear to be a KKK rally, the department is looking at this as a potential hate crime

“The KKK is a symbol of hate,” said Detective Sergeant Matthew Carl of the East Windsor Polie Department.  “We don’t stand for the notion that this is kids being kids or a regular party. This has upset our residents, our community and the country,”

Initially, the video had communities scrambling to figure out where the incident happened. Rumors that it happened in Stafford had the First Selectman Anthony Frassinelli looking into the incident.  He spoke with two party attendees and a parent.  One of the party goers was from Stafford but the party did not happen in Stafford.

“They were crying at one point,” said Frassineli. “They now clearly understand the mistake they made and by no means, shape or form do they have any of those thoughts or ideas.”

He also took to Facebook to address the video that has been circulating which shows people dressed in KKK garb holding a bonfire.

Frassinelli wrote:

There’s been a disturbing and disgusting racist video traveling around Facebook. It shows some people dressed in KKK garb. There’s been indications that it took place in Stafford involving a few of our residents. I will be meeting with law enforcement Monday to determine what can be done, who’s involved, have any laws been broken and what solutions can be brought forward to address this horrible behavior. We will not let the actions of a few ignorant people embarrass our town and its residents.

News 8 also received Report Its of people taking part in a KKK demonstration in Stafford. These reports have not been confirmed at this time.

Connecticut State Police report that the incident allegedly took place in East Windsor, not Stafford as originally reported.

This has shaken the East Windsor community because it harkens back to the 80’s when there were interactions with the KKK

“They’ve had rallies here in town back in the 80’s,” said Carl.  “We have some memoribilia that marks those days. There are officers who still remember those days. Residents who remembers those days. But it does not mark who East Windsor is. It does not mark who the community of East Windsor is.”

East Windsor First Selectman Bob Maynard tells News 8 he believes the video was filmed in gravel pits in the southern part of town. An area that is accessible only by off road vehicles. Maynard says the spot is popular for teenagers to gather and start bonfires on the weekends.

Maynard adds that he does not believe the incident was a KKK rally, but rather a teenage party where someone put on the KKK outfi..

East Windsor police call the incident “disturbing and disgusting.”  They are still investigating.  No arrests have been made but party goears could potentially be charged with trespassing or underage drinking.  Officers are looking to see if this situation rises to the level of a hate crime.

Frasseneli has said he intends to hold meetings on both a town and school level to address the issue.

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