CHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Kallie Branciforte knows all too well what it’s like to run on little sleep.

“I’m busy pretty much all the time,” she explained. “I have a full time job. I have my blog, and I also have a second business. Lack of sleep is very common to me.”

The blogger behind has a few tips to ramp up your energy. Her first is to turn the temperature down.

“A cold shower not only shocks your system, but cold water actually encourages the pores on your skin to close up so it makes you feel a little more energized,” Branciforte said.

Dehydration can also add to your drowsiness, so drink up.

“Hydrating your body just sort of gets your metabolism going and it makes you feel a little more energized,” Branciforte explained.

She also recommends slicing up some lemons and limes.

“Studies have shown that things that have vitamin C in it, the smell of it helps to promote alertness,” Branciforte said.

And of course, don’t forget to brew that cup of ‘Joe.’

“A caffeine fix is definitely going to get your energy moving,” Branciforte explained. “I actually find if I’m struggling just to get out of bed in the morning, I remind myself that three’s a cup of coffee waiting for me downstairs and that will get me out of bed to get my coffee.”

For an easy pick-me-up, exercise. Even just a short walk will increase your blood flow and get oxygen moving through your body.

“Another great way to feel more energized is just to get out in the sun,” Branciforte said. “Sun actually helps your body produce serotonin, which elevates your mood, makes you feel a little more ready to conquer the day.”

She also says it’s possible to trick your mind into feeling more awake.

“Instead of getting out of bed to go straight into doing work, I get out of bed and I spend the first hour doing something I really enjoy,” she explained.

For Branciforte that means working on her blog or editing photos.

“It definitely distracts you from that tired feeling and it sort of gets you moving,” she said.

To learn more about Branciforte, visit her blog