NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — We are nearly two months into the new school year and teachers across the state are feeling increasingly frustrated and burned out, according to a new survey by the Connecticut Education Association (CEA).

The Connecticut Education Association is the state’s largest teachers union. The union issued a survey to members last month and the results show teachers are becoming more dissatisfied with their jobs, and many would discourage others from joining the profession.

The Connecticut Education Association held a news conference on Wednesday in Hartford to discuss the survey results.

“Let us help children, but you’ve got to give us the space to do that. We need the staff, we need the support, we need the autonomy,” Connecticut Education Association President Katie Dias said.

The eight-page survey was given to union members last month with more than 7,600 educators completing it.

Here are some of the most alarming findings:

•         77% of teachers are frustrated and burned out (up 8% from last year).

•         74% of educators say they are more likely to retire or leave the profession early.

•         98% identified stress and burnout as their top issue.

“When you have a data point that says 98% of our teachers are concerned about stress and burnout – that’s everybody. I don’t know who the other people are but that’s everybody telling you that this is a problem,” Dias said.

Other top issues for teachers:

•         97% identified school and classroom decisions made by politicians and non-educators.

•         95% identified staff shortages.

Some state leaders say meaningful action must be taken to fix this.

State Rep. Jeff Currey (D-District 11), who represents East Hartford and Manchester is calling for action.

“What we are shocked by and continue to be shocked by is the lack of action or the lack of understanding by folks in power who have the ability to make this change,” Currey said.

The Connecticut Education Association said raising teacher’s salaries is at the top of the union’s agenda.

The full survey can be found below.