Connecticut schools increase security amid vague threat


Added security measures welcomed students to Old Saybrook High School Tuesday morning.

“Well, no one really knew what was happening until we actually got to school because the police were here and they were unloading metal detectors,” said Senior Julia Swett.

Swett says students soon found out why there was an increased police presence and security measures at Old Saybrook High School. It was prompted by an vague online threat which originated in Colorado.

“Someone was threatening to shoot one of the Connecticut schools but they didn’t know which school it was,” said Swett. “So the police decided to take extra precautions.”

Swett says tables were set up so back packs could be searched. Students then went through metal detectors.

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“It felt just like TSA security but it was kind of nerve-wracking when my belt went off and they scanned me again and saw that it was just my belt and they let me though,” said Senior Anna Gaboury.

Many schools increased police presence and East Haven police went on Twitter and Facebook to explain what was going on. The post explained a threat was made on social media and read: “PSA, CT Students everyone need to know not to go to school.”

“I think that it’s smart to be careful,” said Swett. “Obviously, a lot of us felt kind of disrupted by it.”

“I felt that it was a little bit excessive, but I’m glad that they took precaution and that they actually, like, care about the student body enough to do something as excessive as this,” said Gaboury.

Nothing dangerous was found in East Haven or Old Saybrook, and students may have left school with an added sense of security.

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