EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — More than 100, teachers, politicians, and students say they were ready to school U.S. Secretary Betsy DeVos on East Hartford.

The rally came after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ comments in a legislative committee last week. She said she met a young man named Michael from East Hartford.

“He described the school that he was assigned to as, and I quote, ‘nothing more than adult daycare, a dangerous daycare,'” said Devos in the legislative committee.

“I was both disappointed and angry,” said East Hartford Junior, Jadah Daley.

Daley wasn’t alone. That’s why she teamed up with other students and crafted this letter detailing why they love their school and plan to send it to DeVos.

“I feel like she didn’t have enough knowledge about our school to be making those comments,” said East Hartford High junior Lauren Crooks.

Teachers also went to work. Along with the Connecticut Education Association, they planned the protest. They say they want to send a message to DeVos that educators here are passionate professionals and support their students. Plus, they saw the opportunity to take some hits at the Secretary.

“She is not qualified to make these cuts and these decisions about public education. She’s never been a public educator, never sent her children to public schools,” said 3rd grade teacher and East Hartford Assoc. Pres. Annie Irvine.

Students and teachers say they would like Secretary DeVos to come down to East Hartford High School to see the school for herself. So, they can have a productive conversation.

“I hope Miss DeVos comes because if she does come she would definitely change her mind,” said Jadn Oliveras said East Hartford Senior.

So far, DeVos has not commented on their reaction.