NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Children across the state are taking part in a global reading assignment Thursday. But, for one school in New Haven, it has extra meaning.

In case you didn’t know, Thursday is “World Read Aloud Day.” The concept behind it all is pretty simple.

“So across the world, the object of it is that everyone is celebrating reading across the world,” said Pam Franco, principal.

Pam Franco is the principal of Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy in New Haven. One of many schools taking part in Thursday’s event.

“Reading is fun. You can learn a lot of stuff out of reading,” said Abdiel Nunez-Lopez, third grader.

Reading has been a major part of the lesson plan there since December. Kids have been reading non-stop. To prove it was a paper chain. Each link represents a book they finished.

“I think I read 21 books,” said Nunez-Lopez.

“They’ve been linking them together on their own and stapling. We are a big competition classroom so they want to win,” said Stephanie Pacelli, third grade teacher.

On Thursday, a capstone to it all. Speakers from the community were invited to read to the kids.

There was a bit of a theme going on here at the school today. All the reader read the same book to the students.

“Well the book is “Wonder” and what we’re hoping to take away is that we have children here who are different. Everybody is different. Not one person is the same,” said Franco.

“Sometimes reading can be difficult for a lot of the students so to see them thriving and trying their best and wanting to finish books is exciting for me,” said Pacelli.

Making sure that all these young kids are prepared for high school and beyond.

“Those of is in education, as long as I’ve been in education, are going to be leaving at some point. Hopefully in the near future. So I want to make sure the children who are going to be taking over the world someday are going to be knowledgeable to run this world when I retire and I’m sitting on a beach somewhere, said Franco.