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Eight simple ways to get your home organized


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — May is National Home Improvement Month and we’ve got your back with some simple ways to get organized. Matt Baier is a Stamford based professional organizer. He gave us 8 great ideas how to simplify and organize.

Baier says we get more mail in a day than our parents’ generation got in an entire week.

“Divide now, conquer later.” said Baier. He said not to think of it as mail. “It’s magazines to read, it’s bills to pay, it’s statements to file and it’s a whole lot of junk mail to toss.”

When you do start working on bills and paperwork, keep individual folders for your projects. Up front, however, keep a sheet for current tasks. Yes, there is a difference between projects and tasks.

“How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time,” said Baier. “So basically, projects are the elephant, and tasks are the bites.”

But remember to put it all away before bed so you start the day with a clear work surface.

“This allows you to hit the ground running first thing in the morning, and this is your number two organizing habit after the daily mail,” said Baier.

The more you do something like gather the recycling, the easier it should be.

“Real simple solution is keep a small recycling bin like this in your pantry, save steps on taking the recycling out to the garage all the time,” said Baier.

Speaking of containers, be as transparent as possible with your storage.

“Wherever possible, reveal, don’t conceal,” said Baier. He recommends using clear, plastic containers. “Which not only make it easier to see things, but the smooth surface means that you can accept labels.”

If you’re a UConn fan, you’ve collected plenty of championship t-shirts. Even if you’re not, you probably still have lots of shirts. How can you find the one you want? Try storing folding them into a square, basically in half once more from how you usually fold them.

“Put it in your drawer vertically, not flat. By doing that, you see all your t-shirts at once,” said Baier.

While doing that, you might find something you want to donate to your favorite charity or thrift shop. You can organize your donations, too.

“As you find an individual donation item, you’re not going to get in the car and drive to the donation center,” said Baier. “So it makes sense to have a donation depot to temporarily hold all your donation items.”

Put them all in the bag. When it’s full, then go drop them off. Until then, store them by making some space in the garage.

“The garage is the best place to start because it tends to be a lot of quick wins there, which you can clear and establish exit zones so that you can drain all the discards, donate and sell items from the rest of your home,” said Baier.

That tip about the more often you do something, the easier it should be, can be used for all sorts of things. So figure out what you do all the time, and make it simpler.

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