(WTNH) – The final push to get out the vote before next week’s election is well underway.

The 4th Congressional District is a district that stretches from Greenwich to Bridgeport and into the valley town of Oxford.

Democratic Incumbent Congressman Jim Himes is ready to turn out his voters.

“I have worked very hard for a long time now,” said Himes.

His Republican Challenger Jayme Stevenson is a long-time first selectman in Darien.

“Jim went from Wall Street to Washington. I was a local leader,” countered Stevenson.

Stevenson, a former bond analyst, says working across the aisle matters.

The Republican Candidate is critical of Himes and his 14-year record.

“In lockstep with his party leadership, he’s lost touch with the district,” Stevenson said.

The district includes large cities like Stamford and Bridgeport.

“Here we are in Bridgeport where, you know, I can point to any number of projects where we were instrumental in making sure that the city continues its progress,” Himes said.

He cites the recent Inflation Reduction Act as progress. The law caps insulin to $35 a month for Medicare recipients.

What about a federal gas tax cut? Himes says, “The new Congress if gas prices are still as high as they have been, we’ll probably think about it in January.”

Stevenson says she hopes to be the female voice in Washington on that issue. “We’re the head of household. We manage our family’s budgets.”

She adds parents are feeling disenfranchised.

“Parents are considered terrorists when they step forward and ask questions about their kids’ learning in school,” Stevenson said.

Himes explains, “We don’t elect fire chiefs. We don’t elect police chiefs, but we do elect Board of Education members so they can be accountable to the parents who care about their kid’s education.”

Officials remind voters to make sure they are registered.  Connecticut has same-day registration. Voters can visit their local town hall to sign up.