HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — We are nearly a week out from Election Day, and there are five recounts across Connecticut.

Election officials are trying to determine who is the winner in those General Assembly races. There are three state House seats and two state Senate seats too close to call. 

While the outcomes will not change the balance of power in the state capital, the results show every vote counts.

Southington town officials recounted all the ballots for the state House seat in the 81st district. Steve Kalkowski, the Republican Town Chair, explains the margins are tight. 

“It came down to within six votes, which is a really close race, razor-sharp margins,” Kalkowski said. 

The Democratic candidate Christopher Poulos was up before the recount. His message: making sure democracy remains intact.

Republicans ran Tony Morrison, a current board of finance member who campaigned on economic issues.

“Fuel prices, heating oil prices over $5 a gallon,” Kalkowski added. “We have a lot of senior citizens here, and I really, really feel for them and we need to really address that in the state of Connecticut.”

Approximately 10,000 votes were cast in Southington. Election officials had to swear in extra workers to observe the count. Machines kept getting jammed, and absentee ballots were hand-checked in some cases.

“There are a lot of people here, and we are all watching and we all care,” Tony D’Angelo, a Democrat observer said. “We want to make sure that the numbers are right.”

The unofficial winner was called after all ballots were scrutinized and re-counted. Election officials declared Poulos the unofficial State Representative-elect.

Around the state, there are other recounts for General Assembly seats.

  • Assembly District 134 – one vote separates the candidates;
  • Assembly District 138 – the margin is 27 votes;
  • Senate District 8 in the Farmington Valley – too close to call; and
  • Senate District 36 – within the margin for a legal recount

By law, all the recounts around the state must be done by Wednesday, Nov. 16.