NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Democratic incumbent Justin Elicker won the Democratic primary for New Haven mayor.

The 48-year-old defeated 44-year-old challenger Liam Brennan, a former federal prosecutor, in Tuesday’s primary. The race was called just 20 minutes after the polls closed.

Elicker said his victory would not have been possible without his team, supporters and family. He outlined some of his accomplishments over his last two terms and the work he still hopes to do, including tackling crime, addressing affordable housing and boosting test scores.

“You know, people understand that we have a lot of challenges, and you can’t make changes overnight, but we’ve made incredible progress, and whether that’s on housing, whether that’s on public safety, we’re making progress, and we’ve got such a good team that’s really working hard together, as you’ve heard me say, to get these things done,” Elicker said.

Elicker said Brennan called him to congratulate him and that they hope to work together in the future.

“To Justin Elicker, who ran a fantastic campaign,” Brennan said. “I called him a few moments ago, congratulated him on a race well run. I’m wishing him the best for the next administration coming forward, and his service to the city has been phenomenal.”

Elicker is seeking his third term and will go head-to-head with Tom Goldenberg, a Democrat, in the general election in November.

New Haven Town Committee Republicans endorsed Goldenberg, who will be listed on the Republican Party line on Nov. 7.

“The only endorsements that will matter here are those of the voters in New Haven,” the New Haven Town Committee Republicans said in a statement. “We hope they will endorse safer streets, improvements in education, and the sound fiscal plans of our endorsed candidates in November.”

The video below is from News 8 at 5 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2023.