NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Election Day is less than two weeks away. News 8 is your local election headquarters and teamed up with The Hill and Emerson College Polling to launch our third and final exclusive poll of this election cycle.

Our pollster calls the 5th Congressional District race a toss-up, with Republican George Logan up by one point — 48% to 47% — over incumbent Democrat Jahana Hayes. Four percent is undecided. This race is within the margin of error.

Which of the following issues is most important in determining your vote this November?

The economy is the most important issue for 46% of 5th district voters, followed by abortion access (16%), and threats to democracy (14%).  

FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
Economy (jobs, inflation, taxes)23046.146.156.4
Housing affordability91.91.965.7
Abortion access7715.515.581.2
Gun control152.92.984.1
Threats to democracy6913.813.897.9
Something else (please specify)102.12.1100.0

Do you think things in Connecticut are generally headed in the right direction or do you feel the state is on the wrong track?

Fifty-one percent of voters said the state is on the wrong track, while 49% said we are headed in the right direction.

FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
Right direction24448.848.848.8
Wrong track25651.251.2100.0

Much like our statewide results, the economy is the top concern of voters in the 5th district. Our pollster says that’s why Republicans are competing in this district.

“They have an issue where, generally speaking, they are breaking two to one for Logan, and if that number holds, and the economy becomes more important in the mind of voters, then he’s got a chance to pull up the upset,” said Spencer Kimball, the executive director at Emerson College Polling.

Does the overturning of Roe v Wade make you more or less likely to vote in the 2022 Elections?

When it comes to the issue of abortion, voters were split on whether it motivated them to vote this election cycle.

FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative Percent
Much more likely22444.744.744.7
Somewhat more likely265.35.350.0
No difference23246.546.596.4
Somewhat less likely51.11.197.5
Much less likely132.52.5100.0

Our pollster says Hayes will have to defend her record of accomplishments over the last four years to win. Logan has to make sure people know who he is and that he has the solution to the problems facing the district.

Each will try to define the other, and you can expect more money to be spent on filling the airwaves with persuasive messaging ahead of the general election on Nov. 8.

Earlier this week, we released poll results focusing on the races for governor and U.S. Senate. We also looked at what issues are motivating voters to cast their ballots and early voting in Connecticut.

The survey of Connecticut voters was conducted Oct. 19-21. The margin of error +/- 3 percentage points.