NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – News 8 is your election headquarters, and Primary Day is only one week away from Tuesday.

There is a Democratic run-off in West Haven for the state house seat covering the 116th district, which includes the city and portions of New Haven. The city’s poor finances and a scandal over COVID money loom over the upcoming race.

But the issue of abortion is what’s dividing the local Democratic party.

“That I get to sit at the table and to be a part of something for my community, it is an honor. It is rewarding,” said 28-year-old State Representative Trenee McGee, who just finished her first term.

McGee won a special election after the former state representative allegedly stole COVID relief money and was indicted by the FBI. McGee expressed how the scandal has rocked the community.

“Our spaces have been shaking up where people are being removed who are supposed to be who must be held accountable,” she stated.

McGee is being challenged by 24-year-old information technology consultant Joe Miller. Miller is tying McGee, a former city councilor, in a campaign mailer to Mike Dimassa, the disgraced former State Representative under indictment.

“I’m going to work with the experts that are telling us how to get our city back on track,” said Miller.

Miller noted on the campaign trail that West Haven’s troubled finances are at the top of his mind, and so is the issue of abortion.

This issue has energized Democrats nationwide since the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court, which has resulted in numerous states outlawing abortions.

“I believe that the current protections we have in the state of Connecticut that we are lucky to have, are the law of the land that we need to preserve and remain intact,” said Miller in a comment to News 8.

Miller put out a campaign ad challenging Representative McGee for her stance against abortion, calling her extreme.

“Representative McGee used her first speech in office to speak out against a bill protecting abortion rights. We need progressives like Joe Miller who have our backs against anti-choice extremists,” claimed the ad’s announcer.

McGee, who is backed by Democrats for Life of America, a non-profit campaign outlet, said if being extreme is talking about challenges that impact women, then Miller does not know the community.

“I believe in creating resources for women prenatally, and I believe in creating resources for women so that they feel empowered to then have a community around them who supports them and in keeping their babies,” explained McGee.

Whoever wins the primary will go up against Republican candidate, Aaron Haley. Haley is a former investigator for the state, founder of POP Warner Football, and a coach.

If you are a Democrat and you want to vote in the primary, make sure you check your polling place.