BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — The status of Bridgeport’s mayoral race remains uncertain even after incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim claimed victory in Tuesday’s general election.

As it stands, voters are expected to head back to the polls soon for yet another Democratic primary after a judge threw out the primary election results, citing alleged absentee ballot misconduct.

In that scenario, the results of the general election might be rendered irrelevant. The Ganim administration retains the right to appeal the original judicial ruling, which could result in Tuesday’s results standing.

Sources familiar with the situation tell News 8 that, in the absence of a successful legal appeal by the Ganim camp, plans for the new “re-do” primary will move ahead, and a date will be announced next week.

Representatives from Ganim’s campaign and that of his primary challenger, John Gomes, huddled this week with state elections officials to discuss the logistics and timing of the new primary. The new contest is expected to be held sometime in December but could be as late as January.

Attorney Bill Bloss, who represents Gomes, told News 8 that he believes a Ganim victory in the new primary would be the final word in the mayoral election. Should Gomes prevail, a new general election would also be necessary.