NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The mayor of New Haven and some family members of gun violence victims are pushing for stricter gun laws.

The group held a news conference Friday in New Haven’s botanical garden of healing it’s dedicated to the victims of gun violence.

The group says they are supporting Gov.Lamont and want him to toughen the state’s gun laws.

“Someone who is 18 is not legal to drink, but yet it’s legal for them to pick up a gun something that can take a life. that law has to be looked at. The governor has talked about limiting the number of ammunition people can buy, the number of guns people can purchase, the mandatory waiting period for the purchase of guns and closing the ghost gun loophole,” shared attendee Marlene Pratt.

The mayor says the number of illegal guns seized in new haven this year is up sharply and the number of ghost guns with no serial numbers has nearly quadrupled in the past year.