Emerging wildlife this Spring causes series of car damages on Connecticut roads


Spring is here and already body shops around the state say more cars are having run-ins with wildlife.

It doesn’t matter whether at sunrise sunset or high noon, Interstate 84 91, or 95, this is the time of year you have to be careful and keep an eye on the brush and trees by the side of the road, because as the weather warms up, animals start coming out of the woodwork. 

“This is where it jumped up this high and barrel rolled into the radiator. “

They are the sounds of spring time at Turnpike Motors Auto Body. As the weather heats up, so do the wildlife, becoming more active, caring more about mating than traffic.

Dan Hovey of Turnpike Motors Auto Body said, “We have deer crossing the street we have turkeys jumping into windshields, and I’m sure we will see our first bear claim of the season shortly.”

There have been two bird strikes in two days, while no one was hurt there were a couple of close calls.

Hovey said, “We are seeing a lot of turkeys even in the beginning part of the afternoon, I would just try to be vigilant this time of year.”

One of the biggest problems with wildlife is that turkeys blend in with the brush by the side of the road, you don’t even see them as you’re driving along and all of a sudden they take off. They don’t get very far into the air, and that’s when the serious accidents happen.

Hovey added,”We are repairing the roof, and cars are not designed to get hit at that height, there are used to hitting other cars. So the repairs are a little bit more involved and a little trickier for sure. “

This car looks like a simple windshield repair, is going to cost between six and $7000 because of the roof damage. On this SUV, front grill radiator took the direct hit, but if the driver hadn’t pulled over shut the engine off and had it towed, there could’ve been more damage.

 “So if you do hit a turkey and it doesn’t look like much, be careful because there might be some damage you don’t see,” Hovey said.

News 8 talked to DEEP biologists who say if you see one bird by the side of the road, they travel in flocks. Chances are there are more, the same applies with deer. If you seen one animal slow down and be careful until you’re out of the area.

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