(WTNH) — Talk about a go-getter; sit down with serial entrepreneur Gregg Renfrew and you’ll walk away invigorated to go find your passion and act on it.

At 19, Renfrew went out to Nantucket and set up a cleaning service to make money, and left the island with thousands. She developed another company and ended up selling it to Martha Stewart.

Her current company, Beautycounter, came from wanting to develop safe and natural beauty products for women and families.

“I decided to start a company that was really a movement towards better beauty. We named the company Beautycounter because we wanted something that was intentionally American, it was intended double entendre going counter to what the beauty industry had ever done, and I wanted something that women could relate to but it was really about what the Beautycounter was going to become, it was the next generation,” she said. “We launched in March of 2013, so we’re just two years out of the gate although I’ve been working on this for years prior, and we now have about 60 people working in our corporate offices in Santa Monica and about 9,500 women selling our products across the country, representing us in all 50 states.”

Renfrew, who went to Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut, is a kind of guru for women. They are listening to what she has to say and are following her in her latest venture centered around cosmetics.

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