How to swat away the mosquitoes before they arrive for the season


They say April showers bring May flowers, but the kind of rain we’ve had this Spring is going to bring swarms of mosquitoes

Water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes. They lay their eggs in it and they grow their first part of life in it.

Dr. Philip Armstrong is the Director of the Mosquito Surveillance Program, at the Agricultural Experimental Station in New Haven. He said with all of the rain we’ve had this Spring, the conditions are perfect for the bloodsuckers.

“Mosquitoes require standing water to complete their development, and to reproduced. So with the rain comes more mosquitoes,” Dr. Armstrong said.

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Dr. Armstrong said go up to your backyard and look for any place where standing water has been accumulating such as children’s toys, clogged rain gutters, old tires, and get rid of it.

“And where ever you see standing water, you just want to dump it out once a week,” Dr. Armstrong said. “That will interrupt the mosquito developmental cycle.”

Doctor Nicholas Bennett at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center said with more mosquitoes, comes more of a chance to come down with West Nile or Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE). While that’s rare, the mosquitoes can also be a nuisance.

“And they’re the simple things, people like myself are incredibly allergic to mosquitoes in their bites,” Dr. Bennett said. “We get bitten, we scratch, you can get a simple skin infection. That’s the kind of thing people want to avoid as well.”

You should start seeing the first mosquitoes of the year next week, and Dr. Bennett said repellents with DEET are the best defense against the mosquitoes.


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