NASA celebrates Earth Day

NASA celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day is on Monday, and NASA wants to focus on our planet in its honor for its beauty, diversity, and how it’s changing.

When you think of NASA, you probably think about scientists studying space and the vast universe, but a lot of NASA’s work is focused right here at home.

While NASA scientists said we already know a lot about Earth and how it’s changing, they also say there’s a lot we don’t know. 

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The Chief Scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is Dr. Jim Garvin.

“A lot of the breakthroughs that we’ve made at NASA actually started with studies of Earth that we extrapolated outwards,” Dr. Garvin said. “We discovered things about Earth that we didn’t know where important. Ozone holes, deforestation.”

And how Earth’s polar ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland are melting.

Dr. Garvin added, “Ice mass loss over just the last 17 years, so this trend is a big trend.

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NASA said these changes don’t just impact creatures that live in those icy climates, they’ll impact all of us too.

“If the sea level rises ten feet, your beach front property may be under water property, so what are you going to do about it?” said Dr. Gavin.

Earth Day is Monday, the perfect time to remember how beautiful and fragile our planet is.

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