(WTNH) — The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has launched a new website to make it easy for residents to know what’s in, and what’s out of municipal recycling bins.

The new website, RecycleCT.com, has an easy-to-use search button that allows visitors to find out where and how to recycle specific items; from acids, to yoga mats, and everything recyclable in-between.Related Content: “What’s in, what’s out?” teaches recycling rules

Here are some of the rules:

  • Bottle caps from – “IN” recycling bin if they are on the bottle, loose caps are “OUT” and should be put in the trash.
  • Pizza boxes – “IN” recycling bin if no food or liners.
  • Shredded paper – Keep “OUT” of recycling bin and should be put in the trash. Dust created by shredded paper causes issues at recycling facilities
  • Plastic bags – Keep “OUT” of recycling bin and “OUT” of the trash. Plastic bags – and other “plastic wrap” items – should be kept separate and taken back to one of the many retail locations that accept them.  Sorted plastic bags and wraps are a valuable commodity as they can be used to make outdoor decking material.